About Me

So my name is Renita Olson, I am a graduate of NAIT‘s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Accounting emphasis program.  I have a background in web design and web development, and want to focus on Information Systems and Risk Mitigation.   I am a risk senior consultant by day, and a geek by night (but the very late hours of the night).  I am a natural night owl, so my most creative ideas come to me around 1AM-3AM while listening to music through my headphones and sipping some chai tea, or a 5-pump, no water grande chai latte, or a peppermint white mocha.  Can you tell that I like chai, mint and Starbucks?

I have worked in web design since 1999 when I launched my first website, which was a book club mailing list dedicated to a specific author’s works.  I moved into web development and database management a few years later after starting into the world of The Fanlistings.

I am an Apple fangirl, but of course being a student I lacked the ample resources to buy every Apple product that I dreamed about; however, I did invest in my iPhone 4 and my MacBook Pro and have seen excellent returns.  Nowadays, I am somewhat more frugal and ensure that I get everything out of my devices and still have my original iPod 80GB 5th generation, and my iPhone 4 (which only recently died on me).

I am a book nerd as well, and can sit for hours reading books of every genre from mystery, supernatural, science fiction, childrens/young adult, and non-fiction.  My boyfriend thinks that is it weird that I am such a tech geek, but still love to read books in their physical format and collect books from different countries and featuring different covers.


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