Asimov, Foundations of Influence and Technology

I have been reading the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov lately thanks to a suggestion from my boyfriend.  In the first few books it focuses on the First Foundation, a society of scientists on the most distant planet in the universe, brought together initially with the goal of working on an encyclopaedia of all the scientific information and history of the universe.  Spoilers ahead.

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LinkedIn Etiquette: New Job Posting

I want to pose a question to you all, what is your opinion on posting a new job/position on your LinkedIn profile, when you haven’t started yet?  Do you post it as soon as the contract ink is dry? Or do you wait until the first day is done (and you were not asked to leave before 4:30)?

The Big Four and Hogwarts Houses

I saw this post over on Going Concern, and had to share it. It might not be accurate, but it is always fun to combine things that I love, in this case: accounting and Harry Potter.

Using the best research tools at my disposal (e.g. Harry Potter Wiki) I find your initial suggestions to be grossly off the mark. For starters, if one were to simply look at the House Colors Colours of the Four Houses of Hogwarts, you would see Gryffindor is crimson and gold, Slytherin is green and silver, Ravenclaw is blue and silver, Hufflepuff is yellow and black. So from a purely superficial analysis the Houses/Firms would fall in this way:

Gryffindor: PwC
Slytherin: Deloitte
Ravenclaw: KPMG
Hufflepuff: E&Y…

more via Going Concern

If You Look Inside, You Can See the Future of Your Organization

Chapter 12 of Groundswell changes up the perspective, and moves away from the external groundswell and focuses instead on the groundswell inside your own company.  I haven’t (yet) worked for an accounting-focused firm, but I have been involved in organizations that have attempted to use this internal groundswell idea.  They have set up internal intranet sites for us to visit every morning and check up on what has happened since we were last in the office, and there is a section for every department to post information about their inner workings and projects they are focusing on currently.  As well there is a general social listings area where anyone in the organization can post that they are selling bookcases, looking for a good recreation league to join, running a fund-raising campaign for their child’s school field trip or extra-curricular activities.  It is a great start for that organization, but it doesn’t really allow for employees to share their own individual views, as all content has to be forwarded to the Communications department and then edited for clarity and focus.

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Calculating Social Media’s ROI

Determining whether social media has been beneficial to a business is a difficult item to prove and calculate.  It is not quite so easy as asking someone how to calculate earnings per share (EPS); there are differing variables, outcomes and expectations for social media ROI, and these must be known before you can see if objectives have been met.

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Harold Rosenbaum, Chartered Accountant Extreme (parts 2-5)

While you all wait for my next (two!) blog posts focusing on ROI, please check out part 2 to 5 of Harold Rosenbaum, Chartered Accountant Extreme.  Part 1 can be found back over here.

Part 2

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Harold Rosenbaum, Chartered Accountant Extreme (part 1)

A little humour for those following my blog.

Part 2, et al. will be posted this weekend for those who can wait for the next instalment. 🙂

Are Energized Accountants a Real Thing or Just a Myth?

Energizing a business’ customers is tough.  Finding customers that are energized or self-energized can be likened to a Christmas miracle.  Finding balanced accountants who are energized about being accountants regardless of their specific designation, and who are honest about their profession’s benefits and downfalls is a little more of a possibility.  A problem that I have found as a potential customer of the accounting profession (*puts on her Critic hat again*) is that those members who are honest and truthful about the profession, are not listened to by the profession; the people they “feature” are those who are only say the positive things about the profession (and in some cases to the right ears).

Check out the ICAA‘s CApitalize information magazine.  Of the articles I have been able to read through, all of the members only speak to the positive of being a CA, of how great the ICAA is, what types of benefits a person will attain by being a CA, etc.  I am not saying that these are not good things, and I am sure that there was some pre-publishing editing that was done, but a little more transparency and honesty are needed in my opinion.

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Congratulations ICAA for rejoining designation merger talks

I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate the ICAA Council for stepping back up to the plate after the executive management team had pulled ICAA out of the talks earlier in the year.  I know CMA and CGA Alberta are both very excited to get the ball rolling again for across the board unification.

CPA here we come! 🙂

How to give an unqualified opinion report in 140 characters

Ok maybe the title is a bit misleading, but it made you click though huh? It is also misleading because it is impossible to disclose a full qualified or unqualified report in just 140 characters. I guess you could say “everything’s a-ok #cleanstatements” or “you have a going concern #weareconcernedaboutbeingpaid“, but that does not allow for the sheer amount of information that needs to be shared in such an audit report.

Twitter is a very interesting social network platform that I am both an avid-user of and heavy supporter of. It allows users to quickly post their thoughts and opinions, and share information in a quick format in line with today’s fast paced, instant gratification needing society.

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